Arrival display after a Diversion



when a flight takes off to a specific destination, if they do not land at that destination, the tracker just kinda goes off into limbo, apparently. would it be possible to have the tracker note an arrival message for an airport other than the intended destination, and list that as a diversion?

take, for instance, the history of GDG51. apparently, and i only know this by looking at its flight track, it took off, and diverted back to pdx in short order. if the track had ended at some random airport, would the tracker even show that airport on the map? or would the line just kind of end in space?




When a flight diverts ATC should send us a diversion message, but as you’ve noticed that doesn’t always happen. We’ll manually put in the diversion to KPDX so the map and Activity Log are correct.



if you look at GDG800, it seems to have happened as well. is this really an oversight by the FAA? with the GDG aircraft, it seems like whenever there isn’t a matchup between the IFR destination and the arrival airport, there is a DB problem.



We didn’t get diversion or arrival messages for those two GDG flights, so the database doesn’t know where they went or when they landed. We’ll look at the logs to see what is happening with those flights.