SearchBirdseyeInFlight: "diverted" error


I’m trying to get a list of all flights diverted to KBOS currently in the air. My query:{= dest KBOS} {true inAir} {true diverted}

The query works perfectly until I add the {true diverted} parameter, then I get the following error message:

can’t read “uniqueLine”: no such variable

I’ve checked with {true diverted} as the only parameter, and I get the same error message, so I know it’s not because there are no results (which shouldn’t return an error message anyway).

Am I missing something? Any suggestions?


It appears we have a bug with SearchBirdseyeInFlight when there are no results that match the query. That error is happening because of that. I’ve opened a bug, but you can interpret that error as no data matches the query.

Well, I just checked via

that there are multiple flights diverted and currently in the air, and my query

{true inAir} {true diverted}

is still returning that error. It seems to me that there should be some results, right?

I see the error message has been fixed to show “no data available” instead of “can’t read ‘uniqueLine’: no such variable,” thanks for that.

Any idea when the SearchBirdseyeInFlight request will be fixed to show diverted flights when the query is “{true diverted}”? My request is showing no results, but your live diversions page shows many. That is the data I am trying to access.

I appreciate your help!