Scheduled departures


We are using your rest api for a widget in our application. We have a question regarding the scheduled departures for Brussels Airport ( EBBR ) but I’ve seen the same behaviour with other airport. It seems flightxml sends old departure.

At the moment it’s 12h02 CEST and when we check on your website, we still see departures from 10h20 CEST. Cfr screenshot.

Is there something we didn’t understood correctly ?

Another problem is there are a lot of differences between the datas you are providing and the datas we are seeing on Brussels Airport official website : . Could you please check ?

Thank you & Regards

The flight page shows scheduled depart time, so if a flight is delayed then you will see an earlier time compared to current time.

Some of our feeds for international airports are not of the same quality as domestic ones. We’re always working to improve that, but you may see discrepancies in data because of that.