Departure time when updated by airlines is not reflecting in schedules API


We are trying to move from Flightstats to FlightAware data. However, we find some discrepancies in the schedule data. When the schedule is changed by the airlines, the schedule api is not showing updated data but is showing earlier filed schedule departure time.

When we query the flight status, the api is showing filed departure time as per the earlier schedule and filed block out time as per the new schedule. We are using flightxml3

Eg - IGO 6489 (6E 6489)

Schedule API is showing:


            "ident": "IGO6489",

            "fa_ident": "IGO6489-1512495900-schedule-0000",

            "actual_ident": "",

            "departuretime": 1512668700,

            "arrivaltime": 1512676800,

            "origin": "VABB",

            "destination": "VIDP",

            "aircrafttype": "A320",

            "meal_service": "Economy: Food for sale",

            "seats_cabin_first": 0,

            "seats_cabin_business": 0,

            "seats_cabin_coach": 180


And Flight status api is showing

“ident”: “IGO6489”,
“faFlightID”: “IGO6489-1512495900-schedule-0000”,
“airline”: “IGO”,
“flightnumber”: “6489”,
“tailnumber”: “VT-IGI”,
“type”: “Form_Airline”,
“blocked”: false,
“diverted”: false,
“cancelled”: false,
“origin”: {
“code”: “VABB”,
“city”: “Mumbai”,
“alternate_ident”: “BOM”,
“airport_name”: “Chatrapati Shivaji Int’l”
“destination”: {
“code”: “VIDP”,
“city”: “New Delhi”,
“alternate_ident”: “DEL”,
“airport_name”: “Indira Gandhi Int’l”
“filed_ete”: 6000,
“filed_airspeed_kts”: 274,
“distance_filed”: 708,
“filed_departure_time”: {
“epoch”: 1512668700,
“tz”: “IST”,
“dow”: “Thursday”,
“time”: “11:15PM”,
“date”: “07/12/2017”,
“localtime”: 1512688500
“estimated_departure_time”: {
“epoch”: 1512672900,
“tz”: “IST”,
“dow”: “Friday”,
“time”: “12:25AM”,
“date”: “08/12/2017”,
“localtime”: 1512692700
“actual_departure_time”: {
“epoch”: 0
“departure_delay”: 4200,
“filed_arrival_time”: {
“epoch”: 1512674700,
“tz”: “IST”,
“dow”: “Friday”,
“time”: “12:55AM”,
“date”: “08/12/2017”,
“localtime”: 1512694500
“estimated_arrival_time”: {
“epoch”: 1512678900,
“tz”: “IST”,
“dow”: “Friday”,
“time”: “02:05AM”,
“date”: “08/12/2017”,
“localtime”: 1512698700
“actual_arrival_time”: {
“epoch”: 0
“arrival_delay”: -1200,
“filed_blockout_time”: {
“epoch”: 1512672300,
“tz”: “IST”,
“dow”: “Friday”,
“time”: “12:15AM”,
“date”: “08/12/2017”,
“localtime”: 1512692100
“estimated_blockout_time”: {
“epoch”: 0
“actual_blockout_time”: {
“epoch”: 0
“filed_blockin_time”: {
“epoch”: 1512680700,
“tz”: “IST”,
“dow”: “Friday”,
“time”: “02:35AM”,
“date”: “08/12/2017”,
“localtime”: 1512700500
“estimated_blockin_time”: {
“epoch”: 1512679500,
“tz”: “IST”,
“dow”: “Friday”,
“time”: “02:15AM”,
“date”: “08/12/2017”,
“localtime”: 1512699300
“actual_blockin_time”: {
“epoch”: 0
“status”: “Delayed”,
“progress_percent”: -1,
“aircrafttype”: “A320”,
“full_aircrafttype”: “A320”,
“terminal_dest”: “1D”,
“terminal_orig”: “1”,
“seats_cabin_first”: 0,
“seats_cabin_business”: 0,
“seats_cabin_coach”: 180,
“adhoc”: false


Someone will correct me if I am wrong, but to my knowledge, the schedule will not change as that is what was originally scheduled. For updated status, you would need to grab the flight status data. The filed time will/should match the schedule data as that was the original time the flight was filed to depart. If there are any delays that come up, those would be reflected in the estimated times letting you know what delays occur (departure, arrival, etc.).


Airlines generally file schedules twice a year for winter and summer. However, they tend to change flight schedule during the year. For eg. IGO6489 has initial dep time as 2315 hrs till 30th Nov 2017, post which the time was revised to 00:15 hrs which is also as per the airlines website. This happens frequently and I feel your flight status api is also showing this revised time as filed_blockout_time. However, since its not updated in the schedule, our app is showing the older times to the user. We are facing similar situation with some other flights also.


I see what youre saying. I read the 1st post differently. Looking into this now.


I will have an update for you tomorrow.



Is there any update on this. I am unable to move to flightaware due to this issue.


We did receive a new schedule which shows the correct time now. The underlying issue, is how we received the data from the airline. Do you have any other flights that this is currently happening to?


Can you tell me method name which provide Flight status details?