Saw the Dreamlifter--So Cool

I was in Kiawah Island for the last week vacationing wit my family and while leaving Charleston last night (8-7-08) my wife directed my attention to the stormy skies (while trying to get onto the freeway!) and a large plane. A quick glimpse of 4 engine but odd silhouette and my mind could not place it as comm or military. Got another look and said to wife: Does it look like a beluga whale? Yes. Managed to grab one more quick look and then direct rear side mirror on plane for several seconds confirmed it. Wow that thing is huge. No picture, but a lasting memory. My wife remarked how slow it looked to be flying on approach. I envy those that can see these more often.

It is one beefed up 747. I still like the regular 747’s more.

Dreamlifter # 3 video and photos.