save flight

I love to save all my IFR flights with the overlay weather but with the new map system it just saves the weather and no map.

I do the same as you :smiley:

I am not encountering the problem you are experiencing? How are you saving your flight? … /KLEX/KTUP is a past flight of mine and it will display the map, world map or standard map with no problem.

If my tail number works for you and you still have problems, it probably will help the Flight Aware staff if you post the link to your flight in question.

Another thought based on what you post, if you just want to save the picture and not the flight URL, you probably will need to go the route of creating a screenshot and using your favorite photo editor to crop out the non image portion of your captured screenshot.

We’re going to add a way to see the old style maps for archiving, etc.

Not quite sure if this is related Mark, but when I click on a historical flight such as … /KLEX/KTUP I don’t get any image at all. The browser (MSIE 7.0) says at the bottom, done with errors.

This seems to be an intermittent problem as I can go back in and it will come in. I had cleared my cookies and cache.

I am not getting the options to view world or sectional maps on any of my maps (another thread on this I think?).

I am just right clicking and selecting save as?
How do you save them

Ok, now I see the direction you are headed. :slight_smile:

I used to do it that way (was a .rvt file that I renamed .gif) but save as is no longer available in Firefox with the new format. So…

I open the large map by clicking on the small map
Hold Alt down and push prtscn (print screen)
I open Irfanview (any image viewer program will work)
Click Edit, Click Paste This gives me the active window.
I use the “select tool” and to select the area I wish to crop
Click on Edit, Click on Crop Selection
This results in the following

Given my druthers, I don’t do the above that often, just showing you a potential work around given the limitations the new maps have created.

I actually have saved all my flights in my bookmarks as displayed below which is much more efficient then the above.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the help