How to Save Map of recent flight and routing

Is there any way to save the map image of a recent flight? The only thing I can figure right now is a screen shot, and then into Photoshop. It would be nice if a button offered the ability to “Save Map as JPG” or something. (Right-clicking only grabs the weather, or maybe it’s the top layer of the displayed image; not sure.) Any help?

What operating system are you using? If it’s Windows Vista or Windows 7 then I suggest using the Snipping Tool. Not as convenient as a “save as jpg” function but still pretty good.

In the start menu type in snipping tools in the “search programs and files” box.

The advanced maps (zooming, panning, selectable overlays, selectable baselayers) mean it’s not just one image, it’s a composite of images (the topmost being weather, so that is the one you can save).

You can take a screenshot. Or if you disable javascript in your browser temporarily you’ll get the old style maps which you can save as a single image.