Saved BMP/GIF of my flight not able to be viewed

I always look at my flight path on FlightAware when I get home. Also, I save the Bitmap and, from time to time, go back and look at my flights. From sometime in August, 2009, through present, any saved Bitmap I attempt to open shows only a blurred/fuzzy depiction of the weather without the flight route or map. Has something changed in the maps? Is there a way to copy and save the maps that will allow me to open them in the future?

Welcome to Flight Aware fltdoc761. … 8629#88629 may help answer your question.

The flight track on your screen appears to be generated by a script on a separate layer than the map & weather background.

Of your last 3 flights, one of them had an incomplete track - one of the experts can explain why that happens.

But since right-click and “save as” isn’t working, there are 2 other ways to grab the image:

  1. use the snip tool (scissors tool on Mac) and highlight the part of the screen you want to save to a jpeg file.

  2. use the print-screen tool

Here are your last 3 flights, as complete as the FA screen shows them:

Great looking Cessna, btw!

Thanks for the assistance. I’m not a computer pro; these forums really help. I appreciate your time and knowledge.

Where do the images from the print screen function end up? I’ve tried to print screen and can’t find the images.

If you are using Microsoft Windows, it’s in your “clipboard”

AFTER pushing the print screen key, just open Microsoft Word (or equivalent) or an image viewer like Irfanview and click in the program Edit and then Paste and your screen shot will show up.

I use Irfanview so I can edit the image easier.

Got it! Thanks!

If you use Vista then there’s a handy program called “Snipping Tool” that you can use to save selected areas of the screen.

Look for it on the start menu by going to Accessories then Tablet PC. (I have the icon for it in my quick launch toolbar.

You can capture using a rectangular snip or free form snip. You can also use it for a full screen snip or window snip.

Once you have snipped something you have the option of either saving it or copying it to the clipboard.

Also, Alt-PrintScreen captures just the active application window rather than the entire screen.