printing out a flight path

I have a very good friend who is a FA for an airline. From time to time she will ask me to e-mail her a gif of her flight they just flew for them to see. Since Flight aware has changed to their new form I cannot save this flight plan anymore. When I try and save the pic to a file to send to her all it will save or even print out is the storms in the area. What has changed and can it be fix???

We’re going to add a link to view the old style maps, but for now you can get one by temporarily disabling javascript in your browsers preferences.

Disabling JS in both FF3 and Safari 3.1.2 doesn’t seem to render a static map for me (OSX 10.5). FF shows a blank page and Safari shows a mapless page.

I have tried disabling my JavaScript and I still cannot get anything to save or even print out.

I was able to get a static map when I disabled JS in my Blackberry’s browser. Still nothing in FF or Safari.

We’re going to add a link to view the old style maps.

Thanks! No complaints here. It’s just nice pulling them up from my mobile browser when I’m sitting at the airport. Congrats to the team - love the new maps!