Printer Friendly View

It would be great if the on-line view could be expanded with a printer friendly view. That way, I can pull up the list for my airport for a given date, print it and use it when spotting. Would that be feasible?

Even though I get the menu to the right, the printout is pretty good as it is layed out now. I use FireFox.

It would be nice to have that capability but I think it’s a low priority. I’ve found that I can printout the screen using the browser’s print function with no problem. Of course, the menu to the left does print out but that’s no biggie.

Using the portrait can give you double lines for each entry. All you have to do is change it to landscape printing then print the needed pages. (I noticed that the first page when done in landscape didn’t have any flight data.)

Have you tried changing the font size?

I didn’t try changing the font size. I was just curious to see what happens when I print a FlightAware page.

If I was going to print out a page for spotting purposes, I would actually copy-and-paste the data into Excel or save the pages to my disk and then take the computer with me. Easier to look up data that way.