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Ryanair friend or Refund?

Hello out there.
I’ve a Question, that actually involves thousands of people.

Ryanair have grounded or no operational flights eg London London Stansted to Lourdes France 22nd May 2020…

Now its impossible to call them by phone, all emails bounce back.
There CHAT facility’s take hours to get through, but they say, You cant have a REFUND as the flight are NOT CANCELLED ???.

So say but if they aren’t flying and they not operational they are cancelled so I’d like Refund…
Response NO the flights are not cancelled.

Infuriating, never argue with an idiot, they have more experience.

Any positive advice is most welcome and much appreciated.

Any thoughts ladies & gentlemen

I just did a chargeback claim with my credit card company - much simpler and quicker than dealing with the airlines. I also put in a claim with the airline… several months ago, and still not even a reply from them.