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flight alert

Hi, on last day 07/05 i have maked 3 alerts for flight Ryanair FR4599 from memmingen to porto because i have some familie members on board, i have set alert for landing and takeoff but all not works, i have check my spam folder and i dont have received any alert.
any ideias?


I have tried many more alerts and still not work, someone can take care of this?

I am sorry you are not receiving these alerts. I do not see any alerts on your account at this time. I will file a ticket with our development team and will get with you when I hear from them on what the issue seems to be.

thanks im wainting for that.

Our developer mentioned that the alert had a start date and end date for the alert on 06/05/15. There was no flight on that day and that would be why we did not send the alert.