RUSH (not limbaugh)



Nice find!

would be cool if they had some artwork on the jet… 8)


Awesome. :slight_smile:

Agreed about the artwork!



looks like that plane left them in Denver days ago and went back to canada,
Rush plays Wichita tonight, plane just landed in Boston…


Uggh - personal opinion, but if I was their pilot, I’d leave them somewhere too. Worst. Band. Ever.


You’re entitled to your opinion… no matter how WRONG it is! :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, I know - I’ve got friends that love them too. But between their futuristic-themed songs and that guys nasally, dorky whine when he sings (if that’s what it’s called), it seriously makes my head hurt. I’d rather give myself a vasectomy than be subjected to one of those concerts. It’s all good though - I’ve got a car full of music that 99% of you guys would hate too.


The one thing I noticed at the Rush concert in Vegas last weekend is that hardly any women were there. The one’s that did attend were on the lonely side. It was disheartening to see 20,000 middle aged, pale skinned dudes and two girls. I need hot chicks in mini skirts and too much make up to complete a rock-n-roll show!

Anyway the aircraft Rush chartered is from Chartright…


They used Challenger 300 C-FJCB from Denver (KAPA) to Wichita (KICT) then to St. Louis (KSTL).



I hear that! Even better when they are part of the show 8)


+1 Rush is great.