Rudy Giuliani's plane diverted

Rudy’s plane was diverted after he became ill, in flight. … /KSUS/KSUS

Anyone know what happened to him?

He was hospilitized for the flu, after consulting his MD … enDocument

how do you know or can find out when these presdentials candidates take they flights ??? I figure that would be top secret…

Like tracking sports charters, it’s a matter of detective work. Determine what the candidate’s schedule is and try to find flight plans that match that schedule.

You can also look for pictures of the candidate with his aircraft in the background. It is sometimes possible to see the tail number of the aircraft.

you are guys are good tracking down presidentials candidates and sport teams charter ,does anybody know what airline or aircraft the new york knicks of the nba league used for there flights …

MSG operates a 737-400. Used by both Rangers & Knicks, I believe