RPi SD-card backup

SD cards have a habit of failing, typically when you have just forgotten how you configured them :wink:
I have made an image of my working SD card, so getting station back online if/when the inevitable happens should be simple.

However the ADS-B receiver generates live data, and I would also like to be able to backup/restore this.
At present I am using “rsync” to backup to another server.
I’m only doing the “/var/lib/collectd/” directory. Web pages appear to rebuild themselves in about an hour.
Are there any other files/directories I should consider?

That’s all I really back up. If you are making tweaks to gain you could back up the relevant files there, but it’s trivial to set the gain where you need after re-imaging.

You could also back up logs if you wanted to access old logs - might be useful in seeing if there was anything weird going on before an SD failure - but, meh.


THE solution.

This is a handy little backup tool that makes as many incremental backups as you have the room and a need for.

It can backup remotely or localy but I find it works well executed by a cron job and backung up to a local USB smemory stick