Pi Copier; Save a snapshot of your Raspberry easily

Save a snapshot of your Raspberry Pi SD card to a file on your Mac.

Download Pi Copier beta 3 [tested on Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8, but should work on earlier and later versions]
(source is available by dragging the application into AppleScript Editor)


Looks pretty cool!

I had always used “Apple Pi-Baker” which has a “Pi In The Freezer” option for doing this. Looking forward to seeing how this compares.

If you need to snapshot your Pi and don’t use a Mac, look at this option:


All you need is the Pi, a micro SD USB reader/writer and a spare micro SD card of equal or larger capacity. You can leave the reader/writer in the PI and run rpi-clone on a regular basis. The script dismounts the backup USB SD card when finished so it is safe from all but the most catastrophic Pi failures.

If you suspect that you have an SD card failure, your spare is right there for easy swapping.

:smiley: :smiley: VEEERY GOOD !!!

This script has found its place on all my Rpi including the professional ones, alowing my trainee engineer to move several RPi to smaller SD cards while saving them.

Wondefull !