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raspiBackup - Beta

Hello All,

being afraid to mess up my running system I would like to have your opinion.

I am afraid to make mistakes and before someone is telling this is a hobby and if you don’t know anything about you should leave it alone, I am trying to learn and understand.

I would like to make a backup of my current Sd card and looked for something I could use without having knowledge of coding etc.
While searching I came across raspiBackup - Beta
raspi backup

Is there someone who used this and id it any good for a newbie like me?

There’s a whole thread on raspibackup here.

I’m using it successfully to back up 11 Pis over the network to my NAS.

Thanks, guess used the wrong words in the search. Will look and try to understand it.


(1) If your RPi is difficult to access physically, then making backup on a PC or NAS over network is the practical way. In this case use the method shown in first post of thread linked above by @keithma. That thread uses raspiBackup.

(2) If your RPi is physically accessable, you can shut it down, slipout microSD card, slip in a USB card reader, plug card reader into Windows PC and make a backup copy using Win32DiskImager.

(3) If your RPi is physically accessable, but you want to make a backup without shutting it down, you can do it by slipingin a spare microSD card in a USB card reader and plugging it into RPi. The backup copy will be made on this apare microSD card while RPi is still booted. For details, please see this post


Thank you for your reply. Read the post @keithma mentioned. Guess still too complicated for me.
Will check out your third option.
If not will use the second one and use a program for a Mac.

I do have a Synologic NAS running for 4/5 years. Read the Raspibackup but there are too many commando’s I am not familiar with.

I’m using a little script and running it with crontab: Fluppix: Raspi Backup
Maybe that will help you.

I do not understand that “shrink” in between. If you pipe the dd output to a zipped archive, it works on the fly.

Doing that once a week with my NAS data incrementally. No additional scripts or things required

How big is your backup file? Shrinking reduces the file to its effective size. With an SD card with 16GB, for example, my backup was correspondingly large. With the shrinking, it is much smaller. It works for me :wink:

That’s the same if you pipe it to tar.gz format.

My backup is using exactly the size which is occupied (plus a little overhead), independent from the SD card size

See this one for more comfort:

BorgBackup – Deduplicating archiver with compression and authenticated encryption

Hello All,

As said before, I am too afraid to make mistakes and mess up my nicely running system. So I kept searching and found a, for me, perfect solution.

I use version 2 and it turned out, perfect for me. Puled my micro sd card out of my Pi, of course switched it off before I did so, and made a perfect img file.
Also restoring it to another Sc card was easy.

So now I can continue to modify my system, as I do have a backup :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for all the help