Backup and UPS recommendations

A very short term power cut corrupted my SD card.

I formatted the card and installed a copy of the card, but could not SSH in to the pi. IPscan24 reported I had two pi’s on different ips, neither of which was accessible.

I changed the card for a complete new install on another card and that worked fine. Presumably something went wrong when I read the card back in to the PC using Win32DiskImager.


Is there a better way to copy an SD card?
Any recommendations for a ups system that can take over during short term outages.

Many thanks


There’s a number of good suggestions in this thread - ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/dead-and-or-dying-sd-card-t28516.html

I run a nightly script that creates a full image of the SD card.

I posted my UPS setup a while back in another thread:

It has worked flawlessly. No downtime since I put it in 144 days ago, despite several power outages.


Many thanks for the replies, chaps.

I’ll have to get something sorted out if SWMBO keeps trying to overload the supply, :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: