flightfeeder sd damge

hello guys ,

i have problem withe the sd card for flightfeeder , his damage and hes not reading information inside , because the Electricity was shutdown . what i do now please ? can i format and get software flightaware again ?

You can write the image back onto the SD if it’s not damaged and start all over. You can also run the file system off a USB flash drive in the future as well.

Micro SD cards aren’t designed to be run as OS root drives. USB flash drives are much faster and are tolerant of lots of activity.

Here’s an article on how to run your Pi off USB flash:


The issue here will be that you’ll need a FlightFeeder image, not a piaware image… FlightAware should be able to provide you one if you ask them.

They’re both similar types of flash memory and both have similar limitations; the only real difference is the external interface. Assuming a reputable brand with a reasonable wear-leveller you shouldn’t have problems with either, TBH.

(Power interruption is a problem for both, as aligassan has discovered! Maybe a UPS is a good idea?)

yes i put him on UPS now but his not working now :cry:

i have windows 7 not mac. and i want FlightFeeder image not piaware . thanks


what i do :question:

I thought you said the SD card was damaged, what did you change? That looks like you wrote a piaware image to the card, which isn’t going to work because the flightfeeder hardware is different to what is used by piaware.

Have you contacted FlightAware by email? You should contact FlightAware by email. If they don’t reply instantly, well, it’s the weekend, have some patience. As I’ve said a few times now, they are the only people who can help you with a FlightFeeder.

yes right his damage , mean black screen hdmi , i make format sd card on pc and try to install piaware because the software for flightfeeder in sd his damage , and am try to install piaware , and am contact to flightaware , am waiting solution.