My flightfeeder inactive, sdcard damaged

My Flightfeeder (S / N 1347) inactive, I know after I returned from a trip out of town (before I leave is still active), inactive due to faulty sdcard (corrupt), broken sdcard possible power outages from electric utilities (often occurs in My place), I have contacted the admin in … but there is no answer.
Are there any who have ever experienced as me ?, How to solve it?, If flighaware can send me files of those through email and I will copy to the new-sdcard ?
Thank You

If your SD Card is completely gone like you say then there’s no way to get the stuff back off it, therefore you’d need a new card and to start again using the guide on FlightAware’s page.

By faulty, as you haven’t exactly indicated any errors that you are seeing what do you actually see. It could be something as simple as dump crashing and not reopening. The Admins are too busy and will not help directly and will require you to talk to the community like you are now.

If you could tell everyone what you’re seeing and how you know the SD Card is faulty?

You mention electric outages yet the SD Card would not become ‘faulty’ just from a sudden lack of power - this is similar to pulling the micro-usb cable out suddenly.

I know the sd card is damaged, when I try to read sdcard on a computer with ubuntu os, No 2 in the sdcard partition, partition “boot” I can see files and folders, but the other partition I can not see any files or folders.
I heard information that there is an automatic firmware upgrade, the upgrade is not possible when the process is completed and then the power goes out so sdcard damaged?
Sorry for my poor english

If the power cut out mid firmware/update and it won’t boot then the card itself shouldn’t be damaged it’ll just be the operating system. Therefore the best practice would be to wipe the card itself and start again, as you say if the card had died completely you wouldn’t have seen the boot folder although it’s possible it has bad sectors which may be why the other files are empty or they’re corrupt.

Try formatting the card and starting again, hopefully that will work for you without needing another SD Card