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Flightfeeder errors - does fa check sd cards?

The last 2 weeks i got a few crashes and a partial working system.
From what i see in my stats i got the first wifi ‘crash’ on 06/02. The day later 07/02 i rebooted my flightfeeder and wifi came back online to only crash again a few hours later. I rebooted within an hours and then the wifi remained working (until yesterday? i don’t know what happened yesterday when my site stopped feeding. The system rebooted automatically 2 hrs ago so i couldn’t see on the screen what the problem was when i just wanted to go to reboot it.)
Now i see in my stats that also since 07/02 I had also most of the days no MLAT data. strange enough on 14 and 15/02 i had 1 and 2 hits??
Now since the automatic reboot that happened about 2 hrs ago the MLAT seems to work again with at the moment 490 positions.

My first flightfeeder (the blue & white acrylic one) had to have an SD card replacement after some time, so i’m thinking this SD card is getting errors too… So does FA check the sd cards for errors? and can we get notifications when the SD card starts producing errors?

edit: SITE 84019

Has anything of note happened before this started happening, eg a scheduled upgrade? I wonder if it’s related to this issue with dhcpcd, in which dhcpcd would seg fault and take the OS offline, in response to certain unusual broadcasts exhibited by some consumer routers. It only started happening in the latest Debian Buster-based environments. I appreciate it’s FlightFeeder but I’m assuming it’s pretty much the same as PiAware under the hood. The bug was patched by the dhcpcd maintainer and the OS no longer drops off the network as a result, but the patch has yet to find its way onto systems.

Try an email to flightaware - they maintain the equipment. This email address should be in the info that was sent to you along with the FlightFeeder …

FFs are not running Buster yet, so it’s not this.

As mentioned above, please mail adsbsupport@flightaware.com with the details and we can do some remote diagnosis.

It could be the first pre-Buster case, if Buster was just a coincidence :slight_smile: I guess remote diags will quickly rule it in or out.

Pre-buster installs don’t use dhcpcd at all. It’s not this.

Okay, thanks, that’s handy to know. Out of interest was that also the case for pre-Buster PiAware 3.7.2 too?

Yes, pre-buster piaware used dhclient; look at the stretch/jessie network model cases in generate-network-config

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