Rocky Mountain Holdings

Does anyone happen to know what Rocky Mountain Holdings uses their aircraft for. I notice that they have a B200 that flies out of KSUS a lot, and today, there was a medical e-vac helicopter for Missouri University that landed at the University of Central Missouri, N151AD, that was registered to them. I am just curious if they are like Vessey Air where they just lease aircraft for medical reasons, or what else they do.

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Air Methods is an air medical transportation company that owns or operates 59 helicopters and 13 fixed-wing aircraft.

Thanks for the information. I figured that was all it was, but I was not 100% sure.

Thanks Again

I fly that B200 out of SUS and it is for ARCH air medical. Air Methods Corp. out of Denver bought ARCH and Rocky Mountain Helicopters a few years back. The plane is still registered under their holding Co.ARCH also has 11 helicopters in and around MO. Including the one from U of M.

For stock fans, Air Methods is traded on NASDAQ under symbol AIRM. The last trade was at $34.84. The stock is at a 52-week high and has gained about 40% since the beginning of April.

A very nice business summary appears in this news article.