Short weird flight starting and ending at KMHT … /KMHT/KMHT

So this is a private jet registered to Wells Fargo (not sure if it is actual company jet or if they are just a holding company for whoever’s jet it is)

Does anyone have any ideas why someone would schedule a flight like this and fly around randomly and then land? Testing? Sightseeing?

It may have been a test flight.

I see two practice approaches into Pease there along with a hold.

Recently posted pix of N145LF - UMass Memorial Medical Center Life Flight heli. The registration info for this AC shows the registrant as “Wells Fargo NA” etc…I gotta assume the thing is financed and Wells Fargo holds the paper? The pix were the result of a lazy afternoon on the deck in Rindge NH with my lady. Heard Winchendon, MA FD on the scanner responding to an ATV crash and calling out the location they wanted for the LZ – we got there 10 min. before the helicopter.

It’s more likely the aircraft is leased, not “financed”, and Wells Fargo is the lessor.