Rochester, New York, Don't do business with companies there!


I can’t count the number of times that I have flown in and out of ROC.

But after what I just viewed on the evening news (NBC), I am questioning whether I ever go back. It’s obvious that the “city” doesn’t care about the actions of it’s employees, so I am not going to put my life in danger by being anywhere close to a Rochester Police Officer. Because I have no idea what he may have on his mind. (Or who he thinks he is “serving”.)

Find the video on line, concerning the woman arrested in her front yard, and the retaliation of the cops after they got their hands slapped by the judge. If “cops” are going to act this way, and the city condones it, I don’t need to be a vendor to any company in the town. I’m not sure I could trust a town where a whole Police force wants to “GET Back” at their own citizens. (This wasn’t just one cop AND this decision had to come from the top.) And since the City Council and Mayor don’t have word to say about it, they must condone it also.

Thank you.



If you’re going to judge an ENTIRE CITY of small businesses just because of what you saw on the news…

Like I said… WOW. :unamused:


Well, Scowl, it is safe to go back on the streets of Rochester. The District Attorney asked for the charges to be dropped and they were. The city officials seem to be making all the right noises when answering questions about the case:

The statement continues, “We believe that the incident that led to Ms. Good’s arrest and the subsequent ticketing for parking violations of vehicles belonging to members of an organization associated with Ms. Good raise issues with respect to the conduct of Rochester Police Officers that require an internal review. A review into both matters has been initiated.”

Good for them.


Just something to ponder,

Arrests for “contempt of cop” may stem from a type of “occupational arrogance” when a police officer thinks he or she should not be challenged or questioned

Words of wisdom from another older plane-spotter here “You can probably beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride”