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Reset Map sends me near Voghera, Italy

Sometimes when I click on Reset Map I get sent 4500 miles away to Voghera, Italy. Is it a default location? ( 45.0º N by 9.0º E )

This doesn’t happen very often. But it is happening today. My location is set properly on the FA Site Information.

Yes, that’s the default if skyaware doesn’t have a receiver location available.

So why might it fall into the default location? During the first start-up makes sense. I am assuming it gets a location from FA Site Information (the FA website).

Not sure, it’s not a problem I’ve heard of before. When you have the problem, do you also lose the receiver location dot and range circles?

For Italy: the dot and range circles were gone.

For Chicago: when I panned the world from Italy to Chicago the dot was gone. That was one of the things that caught my attention. I cannot remember the range circles. Next time it happens I’ll check and take a screenshot.

“unknown version” (in the top right) + missing location data means that skyaware is unable to load the json metadata file (receiver.json) which has version & receiver location info. This is loaded once when the page is first loaded and it doesn’t retry if it fails.

possible causes are

  1. intermittent network problems
  2. dump1090-fa is not running when you first request the page (which may indicate a hardware problem)