Requirements to construct an ILS/AWOS at an airport

Need a little help. I am trying to find the requirements (i.e. - runway lengths, clear zone areas etc.) to have an ILS and an AWOS constructed at a general aviation airport. I have looked at the FAA site and it’s like a maze to find it. I can find websites of companies that manufacture them, but no dice.


As far as I know, with the the ILS, pretty much all you need is money for the system and apply to the FAA to get an official approach procedure created. There might be some local zoning red tape as well - construction permits and stuff like that.

I did a brief search on the FAA’s Web site but couldn’t find the form.

Let me retract my earlier statement. You’re obviously NOT going to put up an ILS on a grass strip with no lights! So yeah, there are certain runway specs that must be met. I think that information can be found with the application for approach procedure. I searched the FAA site some more and still couldn’t find it anywhere there.

I’ve never seen or heard of an ILS on a grass strip with/without lights…have you heard of any? I’d be interested.

I was looking this stuff up last night, incidentally, and also couldn’t find anything of value on the FAA website. I tried looking it up in on the E-CFR, but to no avail. I’d be interested to find where all the specs for airports/runways, etc. are found, but don’t suspect I’d be fortunate enough to find it all in one place. I’ll keep looking and report any lucky findings.

Does … standards/ help any?

This following link gives a cost estimate of installing an ILS and yearly “maintenance” cost of an ILS…

I believe that there is something out there for runway length minimum for an ILS is 5000 but can’t seem to find the FAA source or circular.

It’d probably be much easier to get a WAAS approach approved for your airport. But the runway has to have certain requirements to be considered a precision approach even if you have vertical guidance.

Airman and Aircraft Certification for Reduced Visibility Flight Operations, Including Category II/III Operations

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I think these are the references for an ILS…or at least copies of references that give more information…

Instrument Landing System and Ancillary Electronic Component Configuration and Performance Requirements … 50.24D.pdf

6750.36 - Site Survey, Selection, and Engineering Documentation for ILS and Ancillary Aids … 750.36.pdf

To search through the FAA’s documents/orders, go to this page and enter some keywords: … index.cfm/

I found some AWOS info searching from that page: … entID/9380

Thanks all for the help. i appreciate you looking into it, either by chance or otherwise.

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To be honest, I’m not sure if sending someone a 272 page .pdf file of FAA techno geek stuff is “helping” anyone.

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It IS a great help to me, I am trying to get a local airport upgraded and I needed some literature to study so I can help out as much as I can.

That is very nice to hear.

If you want to talk to the FAA Engineering Division for more advice, I found this page on the FAA website of numbers at FAA Headquarters: