Requirements to fly a L-39


I am sure I could call up a dealer and find out, but I don’t really want the 5,000 follow-up calls trying to get me to make a purchase, so I’ll throw this question up here…

What are the requirements to get type rated in an L-39 jet? I have heard a couple different opinions. I know the FAA did away with the old Letter of Authorization method, so now it is a type rating.

Also, do you know if it still requires calling the local office to let them know if you are going to take it cross country? I think the old way made you call your FSDO to let them know if you were going to take the aircraft out of the area.

Let’s try and stay on topic here…I know how questions like this can quickly transfer into “why the Eclipse would be a better choice”…



Try checking with these folks…they’re pretty good from what I understand…


You are correct. The old LOA’s are long gone. Now you end up with an “experimental authorization” on the back of your certificate instead of having to carry the letter around.

If the aircraft is liscensed experimental exhibition (as I believe most are) then yes, it has an approved area of operation. If you are going to take it out of the approved area then the FSDO must be advised. Also, all flights must be for exhibition, training or proficiency. No $5000 hamburgers. The size of the authorized area varies from FSDO inspector to FSDO inspector. Also you must submit you plan for the aircraft at the begining of the year to the FSDO. Where you plan to take it etc.


YouTube a great 8 minute ride in a L-39.
LiveLeak and these videos from LiveLeak.


I noticed in the FAR it says you need to have 1,000 hours and 500 hours PIC in that aircraft. Do you know what qualifies for the 500 hours for an L-39? Since it is single engine, is it simply single engine time, or is it turbine time?

Thanks for the help…