Request for new feature


Greetings FlightAware,
I see that the Facility has been added to Live tracking, hoorah ! I don’t know what I would use it for, but you have the room, so go for it. :smiley:

During Live Tracking beside the Status box I can see the total miles of a trip (Flown+remaining).

After the trip, the mileage is gone. :cry: The Status box then shows only “arrived”. My request is that the mileage remain with the history of the trip, there is room. That’s my 2 cents worth. Thanks, you guys do a great job.

round engines




This is on the to-do list: display the point to point great circle distance before the flight and the actual distance flown after the flight.



That would be sweet indeed.
Also, for flights that go out of the service area, just leave the great circle distance on there, if it’s available, instead of “unknown” in that area.


My suggestion as new feature is, like in forums, sorry to mention another website, not quite polite to do it, but besides the orange color when in a thread has new posts/messages, in the forum page and main forums page, in the thread, the messages not yet read, should have an icon to help us note what messages are pending reading.

Would be just fine and friendly during tracking the messages not yet read, especially in long threads!


If you go to discussions and click on posts since last visit, the black arrow will take you to the new postings.