Request: Changelog for API Updates


Do you guys publish any sort of a changelog when you make updates that might effect API output? If not, could you please start?

For example, the short and long descriptions in FXML2 push alerts used ICAO codes at one time, and the destination field was wholly unreliable; now it looks like the destination field is reliable, and the short/long descriptions use IATA codes… for those of us parsing this information, minor changes like that can break things - it’d be nice if such changes were documented somewhere (and don’t say read the forums - it needs to be actually documented somewhere).



The changelog for XML2 is posted at the bottom of this page:

We currently do not have one yet for FlightXML3.


I see…

… any chance the devs could start updating it again and include things like the example I included in my post? As it is now, it’s pretty much a list of new functionality, and it hasn’t been updated since 2013.