Urgent: FXML2 Push Alerts Not Providing faFlightID In Some Cases

Starting around noon CDT today, I started getting FXML2 push alerts where the faFlightID wasn’t being properly defined; it is causing serious issues with my service, I hope the issue can be resolve very quickly.

Here’s one example, I’ll provide more momentarily. As you can see, in this case, “route” is defined twice, the second time it contains the value for faFlightID.

{"long_desc":"Alaska Airlines #17 flight information has changed\n Arrival Gate is now N6\n\nFlight Status: Departure delayed about 48 minutes \n\nDeparture:\n Philadelphia Intl (PHL)\n Tue 14-Aug-2018 05:45PM EDT\n Terminal D, Gate D4\n\nArrival:\n Seattle-Tacoma Intl (SEA)\n Tue 14-Aug-2018 08:03PM PDT\n Gate N6\n\n","short_desc":"Alaska Airlines #17 flight information has changed\n Arrival Gate is now N6\n\n","summary":"ASA17 flight information has changed","eventcode":"change","alert_id":24204254,"flight":{"ident":"ASA17","aircrafttype":"B737","origin":"KPHL","destination":"KSEA","filed_ete":"04:58:00","route":"PTW SARAA RAV PSB J60 LNK ONL J151 BIL J136 MLP GLASR1","route":"ASA17-1534069241-airline-0383","reg":"N453AS","filed_altitude":320,"filed_airspeed_kts":461,"filed_time":1534069241,"filed_departuretime":1534280820,"estimatedarrivaltime":1534301580,"actualarrivaltime":0,"actualdeparturetime":0,"estimated_blockin_time":1534302180,"filed_blockin_time":1534302540,"actual_blockin_time":0,"estimated_blockout_time":1534283100,"filed_blockout_time":1534280220,"actual_blockout_time":0,"filed_arrivaltime":1534298700}}

At this time this error has been fixed, alerts are back to normal.

… looks like it started providing the correct data again around 4:03 PM CDT today.

On one hand, I’m glad you got it sorted out so quickly, on the other, I’m dumbfounded that you’re running a service this large without doing QA before deployments.