Removing other flight feeds


I am new into the whole ADS-B Flight tracking thing and once I got Piaware running I am feeding to FR24 and Planefinder. If I wanted to un-install FR24 from my Pi is it easy? Or do I have to blow out my SD Card and reinstall Piaware.?





To remove FR24 feeder

sudo apt-get purge fr24feed
sudo apt-get clean
sudo reboot


Thank you @abcd567 greatly appreciated. Still may feed but I do not like the fact that you can not few aircraft that I am feeding on a map.


You can.

  1. Go to site .
    This page will show map with lot of airplanes.
  2. Login with your FR24 account emai+password you used when you signed up.
  3. Move the map to your location.
  4. On settings choose filter
  5. On filter dialogue enable filtering, and chose Radar and enter your station number. It will be something like T-airport code, a number, for example ine is T-CYYZ9.

You will now be able to see ONLY those airplanes which your Pi is sending. Without filter you will see all planes sent by all stations.


Edit: Even though my statistics page shows I am feeding data when I filter by my radar the map is blank hmmm. Not that you are Flightradar tech support LOL.

You are awesome. I saw the filter but did not know you could do that. Much appreciated.


Same with my feed to FR24.


It used to show my airplanes in the past, but now I checked and found same as you. Something wrong with the site???


There appears to be.

Only 6 planes shown on FR24 from my feed at peek time of day. FA is indicating 231 Total Aircraft, 202 With Positions.


FR24 gets data of every airplane from multiple feeders. Every plane shown on FR24 map is from one of those, and each plane from a different radar’s data, not necessarily viewer’s.

When you apply filter with your Radar code, all airplanes are filtered out except those who use data fed by your station. As data of ALL planes fed by you is not used, you see few planes for which data from your radar is used.

Click any plane, and its detail will appear on left. Scroll down, and you will see data from which Radar is used to plot this plane on map. Please see screenshot below: