Removing dead feeder

Hi Folks,
I’ve got a dead feeder that i’m trying to remove - i can go into the site, click the cog & then the remove feeder site from this account… but it just times out and doesn’t do anything.

Any ideas ?

Site ID is 28477.



This is a known bug that is scheduled for resolution in production later today.

Thanks Eric, will try again tomorrow!

Sorry, my mistake. I believe this is not ready in today’s release. I’ll update when it’s released.

This is scheduled in today’s update. See the Redesigned ADS-B Stats page thread for more.

I’m also removing dead feeders from my account, but there are always new dead feeders popping up after a couple of hours??

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Please take a screenshot next time it happens.

Note that it looks like you’ve reinstalled/reimaged a few times - it is normal for a reinstall to get a new feeder ID and therefore create a new site, unless you take manual steps to reuse an older feeder ID.

The 43345 is my active feeder. The other 3 feeders always popping up randomly in my account. If I remove them, they always come back after some hours.

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Thanks. That looks like a stats generation problem. I’ll raise a bug report.


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