Remove and reinstall hot sections for pt6-28

I have just purchased a King Air E90. The hot sections are off and being overhauled. Does anyone know how much it should cost to have these hot sections removed and reinstalled, not including the overhaul. And, do you have to re-balance the props afterwards. I think I have a shop trying to take advantage.

The real question is are you performing an overhaul or a hot section inspection? You mention both, which leads me to believe that you have a shop that is performing an overhaul. For either one, it is important to know the total time on the engines, times since last HSI, times since last OH, and how many HSI’s and OH’s have been performed on the engines.

Is this your first turbine powered aircraft? Do you have someone helping you manage the aircraft (ops, mx, repair, records, etc)? If you would rather PM, or email me, I will be glad to offer my opinions and advice; alternatively, we can chat here.

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You don’t remove the hot section for overhaul. The hot section comonents are the compressor turbine, large and small exit duct and combustion liner basically. While these items are out a visual inspection is done on the gas generator area.

The hot section parts are inspected in accordance with the maintenance manual under hot section inspection requirements. If any item fails the inspection it may be repaired or exchanged depending on the condition of the part. You may get overhauled exchanged parts to reinstall depending on where you get them and if you have good core returns.

This is the short and sweet story, there is a bit more to it. TIme to remove and reinstall these components varies, I can’t give you a precise answer. Check with other repair agencies.

The propeller has nothing to do with the hot section inspection, it is an airframe item not an engine component. Maybe your repair station recommends balance at the time of a hot section but it is not directly related. :slight_smile:

850.00 an engine pending no suprises, but it will end up being 1100.00 an engine small shop.
At a place like jet works it will be $2000 a side and 3/4 time down.

How did this turn out for you?

Hot section per engine prob 40,000 to 60,000$ . Vref quotes average overhaul for pt6 250,000$ ouch.

$68,000 total plus $5000 to re-install.

Was that for both? Can we track you now? :stuck_out_tongue: