King Air 290

Here are a few photos of a KA290 that sits in our hangar.

Sorry the one is a bit blurry, the focus was on the exhaust instead of the graphic on the plane.

Not sure why the one is coming out turned, it is normal on photobucket???

Turned? If you mean rotated, no, they all look good to me…And those 5-bladers look damn impressive. Are those PT-6 engines? What’s the power rating?

Kilo Alpha 290 specs.

This thing is supposed to be as fast as the 300 series KA’s. I do not have any experience other than getting to drool over this plane daily, so I am not sure?

Nice plane though. And the top pic is displaying correctly now, before it was turned on me in my preview prior to posting.

I have some shots of a new helicopter LA County just bought and was flying around Peachtree City. I will try to put them up tonight. They bought a new Sea King.

Saw one of these sitting in Lexington today, they do look pretty neat with the 5-bladed props.

FYI, you can tell whether an aircraft has PT6’s versus Garretts by looking at the props when the aircraft is parked. PT6’s are free-shaft turbines, while Garretts are direct shaft. PT6’s feather the props on engine shutdown and garretts just spin down unfeathered. You can tell the difference by looking at the props when the engines are shut down.

Another way to distinguish the two on the ramp is looking at the exhaust. PT6 engines are reverse flow, which explains why the exhaust comes out near the front of the engine. (except on the ‘right’ way on the piaggio, it’s still reverse flow, but the exhaust comes out the back, where it belongs). The garrett engines have the exhaust near the rear of the engines.