Owner/operator of a cheyenne II. Just wanted some opinions on what temp people operate at. Been told both ways, operate low as possible to lessen heat damage on hot section components alternatively, operate at 700 deg to limit damage from sulfidation.

what does Pratt say? I’d operate according to the manufactures recommendation.
Are they on a warranty program? Do you have fuel computers? if so follow you’re recommendations. If not you’ll be paying for it in the end.

I’ve only flown Turbo-jets and Turbo-fans, and I’ve never heard of sulfidation, so the above is the only advice I can give, Hope it helps.

Keep it cool, high temps are what cost money.

Don’t worry about sulfidation (compressor turbine blade corrosion) unless you operate in salt air environments routinely. If you do, get religious on compressor desalination washes per the maint. manual.

Damaging sulfidation is not terribly common except as above.

Tech with years of Pratt experience.

What he said.

The only folks who tell you that you need high temps to avoid this are pilots, not the person paying for the hot section parts.

I’ve never heard anyone say you need higher temps to avoid sulfidation.
Higher temps are actually more conducive to this condition. Coking, on the other hand, is reduced by running slightly hotter

Thanks for all the responses. Kind of what I thought, think you must be weary of info from people who have a vested interest in you spending as much money as possible at hot section.