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Remove a PP Share ID from my Account?

I need help resolving an issue with a PP Share ID assigned to my account that someone else is using to feed to FlightAware.

When I initially signed up to feed FlightAware I had not used PP for a long time and my sharer ID was showing as Kv. My data did not show on FlightAware so I reinstalled PP. This time my PP share ID became FI. I was successful feeding with this ID and I have had no issues over the past 30 days feeding using this ID.

Now, here is the problem… Yesterday I received I notice that I was feeding under the Kv ID. Well someone else must now have the Kv id. The feed indicates it is coming from Germany.

Is there any way to have the Kv id removed from my account so my numbers are accurate and the Kv feeder will be able to find their data they are providing?



The real Kv is in Berlin

I have seen posts from FA staff that when your PP ID changes, the old one lingers in the system until the 30 day cycle purges it. But it sounds like something is hanging around.

I had difficulty initially registering with an error “Code already registered” by a user somewhere in China. The data showed in the proper GP. A couple notes to FA later it resolved.

Maybe FA staff can add more info on this.

Yes, we automatically purge after 30 days of inactivity. It is tricky to sync with the rate at which PlanePlotter cycles the sharer codes. However, I’ve removed Kv from your account.

Thank you for removing Kv from my account. It was close to being purged automatically. I think it was 28 days old when it became active.