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How do we kill an Extra, now dead ID?


On October 1st I initially connected to FlightAware with PlanePlotter registration ID: 236. On October 19th I reinstalled PlanePlotter on a different computer as FlightAware PlanePlotter registration ID: 367. Since then I show having two receivers which is not accurate.

Is it possible to either just kill 236 or combine the old 236 counts into 367 then kill 236?

In case of confusion, the ID numbers 236 and 367 are the numbers I see when looking at my ADS-B Feeder Statistics.


30 days after you last uploaded to the ssrver the share code gets recycled so will no longer be associated with your ID.

30 days is fine … but … my ‘unused’ version accidentally sent FlightAware a few packets last week. I guess this means the 30 day counter got reset. If we could request that a unused code be removed from the database, accidental packets wouldn’t be accepted by FlightAware instead of resetting the counter and having to wait another thirty days for it to die.

I now do use the original version of PlanePlotter locally on my main computer, better speed and graphics quality; there is always the possibility it might accidently be allowed to upload…

This all started when I attempted a Windows 8.1 update which failed and PlanePlotter no longer started so I moved to an old NoteBook as my ADS-B collector. It’s also easier to keep it running uninterrupted 7/24. The initial problem turned out to be fixable with the Registry fixer program in the main PlanePlotter directory but at the time I wasn’t aware of it so I switched computers as a ‘easier’ and hopefully better fix in the long run.


In planeplotter go to Options > Sharing > setup and untick Enable secondary sharing to prevent accidental uploads to FlightAware.