Removing share codes from account


Is there any way to remove a share code from your profile? With the recent share code changes that happened during server difficulties on PlanePlotter, I got my share code changed a few times. Now it seems that 2 of the “old” codes that were associated with me are now in use by others and registered here, but they are showing under my profile, they are D4 (Site 2682) and n3 (Site 4751). The other old code of mine tU (Site 4556) is still not active and I assume it will drop after 30 days of no activity.



They will automatically disappear after about 30 days of inactivity. It is still useful to keep them visible until then since you can compare your overall contribution from those old identities on your cumulative user graph.


I understand that the inactive ones will fall off, but D4 (Site 2682) and n3 (Site 4751) are still active and belong to someone else now. One in the UK and one in Australia.



Okay, I’ve released those two receivers so the appropriate users can claim them now.