registering RTL dongle

Hello ,
i restarted feeding with a new sharing ID = BF.
registering the receiver i got this message:
This unclaimed device is recognized, but your current IP address does not match. Please visit this page from the same computer or any other computer with the same external IP address as the device.
What means,what have I to do?
Thank in advance

Are you accessing the net through two different dynamic or static ips, the receiver on one and your computer on the other? It is telling you that you need to claim the receiver using a computer connected to the IP (modem) being used by the receiver.

I claimed it from another pc,maybe is this the reason i get that message?How can i solve it?
Thank for help.

You need to have use a computer connected to the same ip as the receiver when activating (a one time process ). You can either connect the receiver to the ip the computer is using or connect the computer to the ip the receiver is using but they both must be using the same IP. Repeat the registration process when both are on the same ip.