New Feeder - Share code problem

Hello, I am user, recently I setup a feed using Planeplotter and am sharing data with you, however, when I attempt to register my share code I get an error about me not connecting from the correct IP address.

I am feeding using the sharecode Ib (captial “eye” lower “bee”)

Is there something you can do to assist? I read in the forums that recycled codes have given some folks this error, and I wonder if my code was used in the past by someone else. Go easy on me, I am new to this so it is entirely possible that I am doing something wrong, but I have done a lot of reading and it seems like I have things setup correctly.

Anyway, I am near KWJF in Lancaster, CA

Any assistance is appreciated.

The error message:
“This unclaimed device is recognized, but your current IP address does not match. Please visit this page from the same computer or any other computer with the same external IP address as the device.”

i have a similar problem the previous user of my share code appears ro be still using it as it sets my location to somewhere in Norway (I’m in the UK).

You might have more joy contacting planeplotter directly they may be able to contact the previous user. I haven’t tried that myself yet.

Thanks, mine actually appears to show the location (KWJF) correctly, it just wont let me “own” it.


I’ve manually associated your feeder with your account.

I have exactly the same situation.
Would you be able to manually register me as you did got the other user?

Sharecode d5 (delta5)
Site #9487
Closest airport FVCP


Exciting to be part of the network