Redesigned ADS-B Statistics pages


I’m pleased to announce the launch of the redesigned ADS-B statistics pages on This includes both the global ADS-B statistics and the “My ADS-B” stats page.

Here are some of the highlights of the updated ADS-B Statistics and My ADS-B pages.
[li] Overall look and feel updated for better use of screen real estate and readability.[/li]
[li] The pages are now “responsive” so they will render in a friendly format even on mobile phone devices.[/li]
[li] My ADS-B
[li] Individual chart sections now may be expanded/collapsed to the user’s preference.[/li][/li][li] PiAware/FlightFeeder health information is displayed in an easy to see at-a-glance format.[/li]
[li] Daily charts/tables now show a full month of history.[/li]
[li] User’s highest achieved 30-day rank is shown at the top of the page.[/li]
[li] Various improvements made to page layout for ease of use.[/li]
[li] PiAware/FlightFeeder settings control panel now accessible via gear icon as needed.[/li][/ul]
[li] Global statistics page
[li] Spark line charts now shown in more detail on mouse-over[/li][/li][li] User can toggle between seeing statistics for number of positions or aircraft seen.[/li][/ul][/ul]

You can view a video walk-through overview of the new pages on YouTube:


Nice design. Some small faults in the french translation but very nice job :smiley:

Elevation de l’antenne au-dessus du niveau de la mer: 9 mètres

(Antenna elevation) : a little conversion error probably : the elevation is close to 200m, 9m is the pylon length :slight_smile:


Loving the new look!

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Nice looking page but I’m reporting a possible bug report within it.

Configuration Settings:
Auto-update PiAware software - Constantly defaults to “Allow”. You try to enable “Prevent” but on reloading the page, it is back to “Allow” again.

I do not want Automatic updating allowed. I wish to update my Pi as and when I wish.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hmm, I don’t like it. Sorry


I can’t say that I am overly happy with the new design of the stat page nor with the skyview page. Having in mind the users these days on laptops and other mobile devices, I feel that the screen space has been taking over by unnecessary stuff. It is good to invent new ideas and express them but in these cases I certainly feel we went backwards a few steps. I am sorry…


Great update

Is it possible to freeze the log (on the config page) so it doesn’t refresh every 15 secs

Would a snapshot with a “refresh” button be better than it automatically updating every 15 secs, which stops you scrolling back through it!



GREAT! Thanks Flightaware!


I just need to inform you if ADS-B is online
In some ADS-B it appears last seen online in others no more.


I like it!



Like it.
Highest 30 Day Ranking cannot be correct, at least in my case.


Could be that it is the highest for all sites of a single user?

For a time, I have been running two receivers side by side, so I could see how changes to the set up worked, practically doubling the number of a/c seen when added up.

Usually, I have been around 950, with 797 been the highest value with one receiver, in the stats page, however, it says:

Highest 30 Day Ranking: 536

Edit: Apart from that, its a pretty big change, wouldn’t be suprised if quite a few people will need some time to get used to it.


Another nice thing to show would be a map with the positions that have been used over the last 24hrs

It would give some indication of the area that the feeder is serving - maybe not covered by other feeders


Thumbs up from me, Easier to read and layout makes sense. Thank you.



there is some issue with the formating of the HOURLY RECEIVED REPORTS and when you move the mouse over the last entry of the Night. Aircraft numbers are truncated.


This is a display bug that is being worked on. The settings are being saved correctly on the backend.


I love the refresh but I spotted a bug. If you click the Configure gear on the page and click into the dropdown of commands to send the PiAware, you can then close the “Configure” window and the drop down just hangs out on the screen floating around as I scroll. Tested in Chrome. So to reproduce:

  1. Click Gear. 2. Click on the Device Commands drop down. Dont select anything or click away from the dropdown. 3. Click the X to close the configure window. 4. Observe floaty menu!


Two child windows are labeled “Aircraft Reported.” Perhaps these could be more descriptive and made unique.

In the second “Aircraft Reported” window. The date labels seem to be off by 1. Now 20:40 hours in EDT on 2 May, I am shown with 195 Aircraft. This should be the count for UTC 3 May. The same error is evident in the cursor-following pop-up in the other “Aircraft Reported” window.

EDIT: It appears that the date off-by-one error occurs in many windows. See newly added image.

Thanks for making the map smaller and to one side. I would have preferred a window that could be reduced to a single line like the others but it is better now.


Going against the grain here and totally do NOT like anything about the new format and layout.

I usually check in on a mobile device such as my phone and this used to be simple process with the old layout. Now theres no option to see a whole table, graph or chart without some kind of scrolling if that is even possible.

Please tell me how this:

Depicts usefull information now?

Or this:

I can’t scroll down that stupid pop-up I have to open to see the log to actually see the information!!

I can’t zoom out so now I can’t see at least half the information I’m actually looking for.

Good job on “fixing” something that wasn’t broken so now it is!

At least give the option to switch to the old view, the FIRST thing I looked for.

Very close to turning my feeder off and repurposing it for another project.


Oh and “landscaping” my phone…

Yea, sooo much better.