Rear Engined Planes

Is it true that rear engined planes (MD88) are quieter than 737s?

Sit in row 30 or higher and you won’t think so.

If you’re talking about interior noise, then yes it’s true to some extent. If you’re sitting up front, you won’t hear too much on an MD-80 series…and next to nothing on an MD-90. I sat behind the bulkhead on an MD-90 once and I could hardly hear the engines at takeoff power.
However, if you sit towards the back of an MD-80/90, then yes you’ll hear it pretty good.
On the 737’s, you hear the turbine sitting in front, and you hear the thrust sitting in back.

HAHAHA :laughing: I’ll bet so. Just where you sit, and where the engines are on the plane.

I don’t recall DC-9s or 727s being noisier in the last rows. Granted, it wasn’t as quiet as further up but it was not noisier than aircraft with wing mounted engines. You could tell when the pilot didn’t have both engines (DC-9) or all three engines (727) synchronized.

Quick: Which airline boasted about how quiet it was in their DC-9s and 727s by naming then Whisperjets?

Eastern!! Im from KMIA I should know

And, because they were quieter on the inside, who nicknamed the DC-9 the “Pamper Jet”?

I sat in the 3rd to last row of an MD-80 from SAN to PDX once. My ears were still buzzing after I picked up my luggage.

HAHAHA :laughing:

I’d like to meet that marketing guy, I can’t help but think of a dirty diaper when I hear that name, so to fly on a pamper jet would be in line with just about every stereotype that goes with flying, screaming kids, smelly etc.

Ahh, but the progress of time redefined the definition of pamper.

Did they have pampers back then or were they cloth diapers at that time? :smiley:

Pampers have been around for more than 50 years.

Pamper (no “s”) means to treat with excessive indulgence. If you look around the word is in extensive use. In context I wouldn’t relate “pamper” with “Pampers.”

I think it was a good marketing scheme.

I’ve sat in the ass end of Mad Dog’s and 727’s a few too many times. The last row is awesome, your window looks out at the engine nacelle. It’s miserably loud, you get served last and all the losers stand over your seat waiting to use the head.

Is it “More fun”, I guess you could say to sit in the front or the back on takeoff? Tell me if I need to explain more.

Avoid SEAT 29E!

HAHAHAHA :laughing: :laughing: I would hate to 29E! :laughing:

It’s more fun to sit in the front. The VERY front. The back SUCKS! Unless I’m in first class and having a cocktail. Then it’s tolerable.

Ok, thanks! :smiley:

I will speak for myself, I am a snob and prefer First Class, so I’d say the front is THE place to ride :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue: 8)