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RaspPi3 with 3 SDRs?

Is anyone running 3 SDRs on a single RaspPi3? I’m running PiAware 3.7.1 for 1090 & 978 with 2 SDRs and would like to add another SDR for LiveATC. Is it possible? Can a RaspPi3 handle 3 SDRs?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

With a powered USB hub it should be possible.

But my guess is that you’ll just have to try and be prepared to get a second RPi.

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Why the powered USB hub? My current setup with 2 SDR dongles is running ~1A and my Pi power supply is rated at 2.5A. I also have Nooelec SMART B01HA642SW dongles that are narrow and will fit side-by-side in the Pi USB ports.

The USB power on the Pi seems limited and multiple people have reported problems with only 2 dongles.

Anyway if it works for you, sure go for it :slight_smile:
Don’t see why you wouldn’t try.

First thing I noticed when I went to a powered USB hub for both of my dongles that my message rates went up and the 978 UAT side I have better coverage. Plus RPI monitor has shown a lower temperature than previous to the install of the powered USB hub.