RasPi switch from Eth0 to WIFI help


I currently have my Pi plugged into my router using Ethernet cable, IP is, and I have just setup a WIFI dongle at

I am going to move my Pi into my roof space to relocate my antenna, now I am wondering what files I need to update in order to seamlessly switch this over.

Once I have finished setting it up over Ethernet, I am going to disconnect it, and reconfigure the WIFI to have the IP (there are other things on the PI that i need to keep the IP for). Which means my Pi will be broadcasting the Flight Tracking from a different MAC address.

I noticed on my site information that the MAC address appears, so I am wondering if I need to refresh or change this in a setting somewhere?
Screenshot where I can see my MAC address

I set this Pi up about a year ago, and just started looking at it again, so I cannot remember if I had to ‘hard wire’ an IP address somewhere at the time.

Note: my router allows me to assign static IP addresses to connected devices, and this is where I will be assigning to the WIFI dongle, so it will have a different MAC address.

Anyone able to point out anything I need to modify on the PI or on the FlightAware website to keep this data flowing??

Thanks for your time.

You don’t need to spoof the MAC so long as you still have the same eth0 MAC (even if you’re using wifi)

Yeah I am using the same Pi as before, im just using a WIFI dongle instead of the eth0 jack… so the eth0 will be inactive completely…

So in my instance, leave the step about spoofing the MAC?

You do not need to spoof the MAC if it’s the same Pi.

Perfect, its all running sweet.

So in the end, the only things I had to do were:

(2) Delete the new 128 bit feeder id (xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx) from following places
pi@piaware:~$ sudo rm /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id

(4) Now reboot the pi for spoof to take effect.
Check your Flightaware stats page.

Works perfectly now, thanks for your help! 8)