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Hello , I need help , I am running a raspberry Pi and I hooked it up at home on my account with the internet IP of and the site ID of… under my account , I want to move this device to a different account with a different IP all together , but every time I plug it in the IP addresses of the internet do not change only the site IP address changes and it keeps loading into the wrong account , I have tried reloading the Piaware softe\ware onto a fresh SD card with no luck , I have Tried the sudo clear all command thinking something in the cache on the Pi was holding it no luck , any ideas how I can start this fresh from scratch ? Thanks in advance


You can have multiple piawares associated with a single account, that’s no problem. Can you explain why you want to move this feeder to a different account?


Your internet IP is assigned by your ISP. You can’t pick or change it (usually). But that actually doesn’t matter, flightaware associates the Pi with your account by the Pi’s “mac address” which is different than an IP.

I am confused a little on what you are trying to do. It seems like you’d like to disassociate the PiAware from one flightaware account and then associate it with another account? If that’s the case it has nothing to do with IP address.


He may be confusing MAC address with IP address.
Or possibly internal IP address

Maybe he just needs to change the piaware username and password on the device.
It can be done with this command
sudo piaware-config -user newusername -password
Restart piaware or reboot the device.


IPS move automatically but accounts are static. You need to PM or email flight aware to move to a different account.


Thank you all for your input so far . maybe to clarify this a bit , I was setting up a Pi for a friend who is less savvy then I, I know enough to be dangerous but still learning more everyday . so I installed PiAware on the sd card , plugged everything in to make sure it worked all using my account . now he wants to set up his own account , we did that , plugged the device in on his network , and wala the internet IP stayed the same and site IP changed to his IP and it showed up on my account and not his . this is problematic because unless it is under his username and account he does not qualify for the Enterprise superscription and can not see the same flight stats and so on , those all show up on my account , I have tried the the disassociation option did not work I tried changing the user name and password command , then it did show up on his account but still did not get the MyADS-b tab at the top of the page , it is like it just keeps coming back to my account for some reason . it is almost like there is something stuck in the cache on the board itself , I tried burning a fresh copy of the software on the card ,

Site identifier: b8:27:eb:xx:xx:xx
Internet IP: 198.72.x.xx
Site local IP: 10.213.x.xx
I am not even sure if the internet has anything to do with , it just seems like that is the only common connection .

Thanks again for all the input so far . I do appreciate it .


The association with an account is currently hard to change without some intervention on the FA side. I’ll take a look shortly.


I’ve disassociated that feeder so it should reassociate with the new account when it reconnects (it doesn’t appear to be connected at the moment)


Thank you sir , Yes it is currently not plugged in , I will work on it again over the weekend , thanks you very much for your help I am crossing my fingers , do you have a direct email ? I will have 1 more box that will have the same problem and I am going to be adding up to 3 more for a total of 6 boxes on 1 account , do I need to call you to do that ? they will be all at different locations and different IP addresses , thanks again for your help


With regard to the number of receivers on the same account, I think you should be fine

This user has 10 receivers

This has 6 receivers … stats-6731

This has 8 receivers … stats-5091


@Jerry: Just send me a PM with the details and the MAC addresses affected.

@jonhawkes2030: that… doesn’t actually help with this problem at all.


What’s the correct process now for moving a feeder to another account? I see on the stats page there’s a Dissociate link and, if the feeder has been inactive for a while, a Remove link. Will one of those work or does it still require manual FA intervention?


The dissociate / remove links should work, but they are fragile in the sense that it is quite easy for the association to reappear unless you do things in exactly the right order.

In theory this should work:

  • halt piaware
  • dissociate site
  • wait an hour
  • configure piaware with the new username explicitly
  • restart piaware

But I am not a fan of configuring username/password on the piaware device so this probably needs to be looked at again.


The normal support can handle these changes. You can either email FlightAware or use online chat.

Make sure you have two pieces of information.

  1. The Site ID on your ADS-B stats page. On your ADS-B stat page it will say something like Site and then a number. The support team needs this number.

2)The user you want to move the site too.