Changing User For Piaware


I setup a Piaware receiver for my dad as a birthday gift, and like someone else in an earlier forum post, I decided to set it up with my Flightaware account first, so I could make sure it was working, then transfer it over.

I’m now having problems getting it to transfer over. I click “dissociate this feeder site from your account” on my account (PaulMJohnson), and it seems to have worked, but I’m then unable to add it to my dads account (IanJohnson1943).

The Pi is up and running (dump1090 is running fine) and I tried manually changing the username and password via the terminal on the Pi. If I run ‘sudo piaware-config -show’ it does show the username IanJohnson1943 and the correct password.

When I checked the localhost:8080 page, you can see that everything is up and running. What I found even more interesting was that it’s getting MLAT updates, which I assume require it to be logged in. That drove me back to my FlightAware account, and despite having dissociated the Pi from that account previously, it’s now showing up again, and reporting that everything is working fine!

So, long story short, is there a way I can remove b8:27:eb:c7:82:eb from the account “PaulMJohnson” and add it to the account “IanJohnson1943”?


FlightAware Support here.

Are both FlightAware accounts sharing the same Internet access, i.e. the same public IP address?

As of right now, yes (he’s visiting my house from England at the moment!)

Hi FlightAware Support!

So, sorry I never got back to you. When dad got home, and plugged the Pi into his network (hence it got a new public facing IP) everything started working, and it’s registered against his FlightAware account now.

The problem is, I was so interested in the flight tracking that I’ve subsequently bought a Pi myself, and all the associated FlightAware stuff, and having set that up, and got everything working, it’s managed to get associated with my dad’s FlightAware account!

I’ve gone in and manually setup the user and password at the command line, so now if I run sudo piaware-config -show I can see that the user is PaulMJohnson and the password is correct, but if I go to my stats page it says I don’t have any feeders associated with this account, and if I go to my fathers account, it says there are two feeders associated with his account.

So, long story short, I need a way to make sure b8:27:eb:4a:6b:0a is associated with the account PaulMJohnson.

b8:27:eb:c7:82:eb should be associated with IanJohnson1943 (and it is).


Welcome to the slippery slope of the pi and flight tracking. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to put an update here, so others in the same situation know what to do.

So, since I didn’t get a response, I e-mailed with details of the problem, and a nice chap called Mike got back to me and fixed it.

Now this is working, I suspect this project is about to suffer from explosive scope creep. A GPS receiver kit for the Raspberry Pi has been ordered (because I’m concerned my position info isn’t accurate down to the meter!) and I’ll be working on how to attach a tuned antenna to the roof without my wife noticing it!