Need Help with Password


Dear FlightAware, I have a PiAware set up and feeding data to FlightAware. I needed to restart my Raspberry Pi because it had locked up. But, when I tried to login from there, I get an “incorrect user id/password” message over and over again, no matter what I try. I have tried my user name and password from FlightAware. I have tried my email address and the password for Flight Aware. I also tried typing my name, and using the FlightAware password. I have no idea how to get in. Could you provide me what I need to login from the Raspberry Pi? Or, could you please reset my password and provide me with my user name? Thank you for your time and assistance! Sincerely, John Miller


Have you tried pi as the ID and raspberry as password?


The default username for Raspbian Wheezy Linux is pi and the password is raspberry.


Thank you very much! That worked. I appreciate your help.

Is pi / raspberry what everyone uses for signing on to PiAware? Does anyone change the User Name / Password?

Are there any security risks with everyone having the same User Name / Password? My Pi is connected via Ethernet. So, would anyone be able to hack into the rest of my network knowing pi / raspberry?

If any of you think it would be a good idea to change the User Name / Password, could you please provide me with the Command-Line commands to change them? Again, I very much appreciate your help!


See … l#password which has instructions

Having a default username/password is an obvious security problem, but most installs will be on a somewhat friendly network behind a router doing NAT (i.e. not directly accessible from the internet) which mitigates it somewhat. It’s still a very good idea to change the password!

It’s a tricky problem to solve without building a custom image for each user separately (or requiring that you plug in a monitor/keyboard and change the password before it goes on the network, which is no good for headless setups)


Thank you for your help! I appreciate it.