problem login PiAware on Raspbian Linux 1.20-1 ZIP

hi all
i install PiAware on Raspbian Linux 1.20-1 on raspberr pi2. program opening but i cant login in
allways say incorrect login.

user: pi

it says incorrect
i cant login . can you help me please. whatis the correct user and password for PiAware on Raspbian Linux 1.20-1 ZIP


If you used the PiAware image then the credentials are indeed pi and flightaware.

If you built your own software on top of a stock Raspbian build then the login will be pi and raspberry.

If neither of those work, check the caps lock key? Other than that, I once ran into a problem where I had a keyboard with the letter O that was broken. That threw me off for a couple days. Try tying the credentials into a text editor to make sure something weird isn’t happening :slight_smile:

The favourite one I hit, is someone has built a system, used a secure password with special characters.

I don’t use the US keyboard (in my case it’s a UK one) and all those symbols are in a different place.

I had a user who confused and key when using numbers in the password. 4 and 4 in the password made it hard to find the login problem :open_mouth: