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Any need to change default passwords for "PiAware (Debian Package Add-on) 3.6.3"?

Hi Guys,

I have a “PiAware (Debian Package Add-on) 3.6.3” feeder running on Unbuntu 18.04.2 LTS as a VirtualBox VM on a Windows 10 laptop. I notice that there is a piaware user and a dump1090 user. I don’t know their default passwords. There is no “pi” user, which I have seen mentioned in other posts. For security reasons, should I change the default passwords for user piaware and dump1090? If so, what are the default passwords?

Thanks in advance, Curt

The pi user is the default user on the Raspbian image you are using.
Its password should obviously be changed.

Are you sure there is no “pi” user?

Anyway the dump1090 and piaware users can’t login so you don’t need to change their password.

There is only a “piaware” user listed in /etc/passwd, no “pi” user. Am I missing something?

Oh you are not using Raspbian but an Ubuntu. Misread that.

Well then there is of course no pi user :slight_smile:
(That’s the default user on Raspbian images)

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OK, thanks very much! I thought so, but wanted to make sure.

piaware and dump1090 are both system users that have disabled passwords (i.e. you cannot log in as them using a password), so no need to change anything there.

(They exist just to sandbox the piaware & dump1090 processes respectively)

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Manual Install of dump1090-fa on Fedora 28, x64_86 (Intel PC)

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