Rasperry Pi model B or 2


Is it also possible to build a raspberry pi based on a model B or model 2? I currently have the model B, if I buy the 2 amp power supply will this be possible?



Yes, the Pi 2 and the SDR of your choice will work fine with the Pi 2.

I have Dump1090 running on an early (256mb) model B, on a more modern B+, and on a Pi 2. Getting Dump1090 and PiAware to run reliably in 256mb is tricky but can be done. Given the choice among the B, the newer B+, and the Pi 2, I would go with the Pi 2 as the Pi 2 provides so much more for the same price and in the same form factor.

As far as Dump1090 and PiAware, I think the early teething pains of running on the Pi 2 are over.

Again, the Pi 2 makes a great platform for PiAware.

bob k6rtm


thanks for your reply, I’ve ordered the parts and will try to get it to work on my model B. If not I’ll buy a pi 2.


Welcome aboard - The Pi B should be fine.

For my pi testing I use a phone charger - I’d try that and upgrade if you get stability problems.

You also need an MCX to something pigtail - so you can connect a coaxial downlead to the dongle when you want to increase range and add / make a better antenna (which you will want to do approximately 27 3/4 minutes after you get the rig working)


My Pi 2 draws 625ma, with a 320*480 LCDisplay, a K400 wireless KB dongle, a penguin
wifi adapter and a RTL820t2 RX…running d1090. You should have no trouble using a 1
amp supply IF you don’t try to charge a cellphone, too from your Pi.